SQ-Gloves ONE11

SQ-Gloves ONE11
SQ-Gloves ONE11
SQ-Gloves ONE11
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SQ-Gloves ONE11 is the Formula 1 among gloves.

We searched long and tested just about everything and finally found it: the perfect material for the palm. It is remarkable thin, does not wrinkle, it is flexible and fits perfectly, it offers super grip, feels classy and comfortable and it is extremely expensive, but it lasts forever.


The idea to put the seams to the outside we have copied from Formula 1 gloves. This improves the feel for the handlebars, because you do not have to reach for the seams on the sides. But especially the fingertips are clean on the inside, without the (invisible but usually annoying) accumulation of seams and threads that like to get on and under the fingernails.

Sizes - Slim & Wide

A new sizing and measuring system that takes into account not only width, but also grip width, increases fit even for people with narrow hands and long fingers or wide hands and short fingers.


A thoughtful cuff slanted and long enough to give the glove the support it needs in any situation, while being as short as possible to avoid heat build-up.


The small protector on the outside sits exactly where you need it, if you use the ideal line perfectly and like to drive through the corners as far inside as possible.


+ Fit: Slim & Wide

+ Protector

+ Wrist protection

+ External seams

+ Touchscreen compatible

+ Extremely thin & flexible material

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