Back pain

Back pain when riding a bike?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints while riding a bicycle. SQlab has developed the Active Saddle Technology for relief of the intervertebral discs and sit bones. This enables a physiologically correct movement of the pelvis. In this way, a round pedaling movement is guaranteed, which can provide relief for intervertebral discs and facet joints.

More than half of all cyclists suffer from back pain, making it one of the most common complaints among cyclists. 

Walking is what the human body is designed for when it comes to movement. In order to be able to move forward with ease, the body is equipped with the ingenious pelvic swing system. The pelvis is tilted with every step, and the spine reacts with a movement to the opposite side.

Why is the correct co-movement of the pelvis necessary?

This lateral movement of the spine should be maintained when cycling. The SQlab Active Saddle Technology makes it possible to move the pelvis in the horizontal plane. In this way, thestrain on the lower lumbar spine in the pelvis and hip area can be reduced.

SQlab Active Saddle Technology 

In spring 2010 the SQlab Active Saddle Technology was introduced with the MTB saddle 611 active. Since 2011, at least one active model is available for every area of use.

Now over the half of SQlab saddles sold is equipped with Active Technology. The Active System is designed to allow the pelvis to move horizontally.

This ensures that the so-called pelvic swing is performed as in natural walking. The ability to move the pelvis along minimizes the risk of discomfort in the lower lumbar spine, pelvis and hips and specifically relieves the intervertebral discs and facet joints.

For specific strengthening of the back muscles, we have developed the SQlab Back Guide in collaboration with Dr. Markus Knöringer, specialist in neurosurgery, intervertebral discs and spine surgery.

Dr. med Markus Knöringer Specialist in neurosurgery, intervertebral disc and spine surgery, sports medicine