Painful hands

The hands take over important tasks when cycling, they are responsible for holding, steering and braking. At the same time, there is a high pressure on the hands, which can lead to painful irritations of the nerves, fingers and hands. 

Causes of aching hands 




Wrong grip size



Wrong grip shape



Too straight handlebar


Wrong grip size 

Cause - wrong grip size

leads to cramping of the hand

SQlab Solution 

Grip size measurement for a grip that fits the hand perfectly

The right grip size is crucial. If a grip is too large, it cannot be completely enclosed, which can lead to cramping of the fingers or the hand.  The personal grip size is important for comfort and safety. That is why we have developed a method for determining the optimal grip size.


Grip size is the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the crook of the thumb. This is because the fingers grasp the grip precisely by this measurement. The SQlab grip series, sizes differ in range, length and shape.

Our bicycle grips are available in up to three different sizes depending on the model.


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Grip size meassurment 



Wrong grip shape  

Cause - wrong grip shape

A round grip leads to high pressure on the outside of the hand    


Pressure measurement round grip

SQlab Solution 

A relief wing, which reduce the pressure 


Pressure measurement SQlab 702

The round grip sounds comfortable but gives only a small contact surface. The extremely high pressure on the outside causes irritation of the ulnar nerve. The consequences are pressure pains and numbness on the little finger and ring finger.

The SQlab grip concept
Flattened at the top and drawn forward and back for pressure relief and comfort. Surface is optimized for support and fingers can encompass the grip.