e-Bike ready


All SQlab products marked with the "e-Bike ready" sign are suitable for all types of e-bikes.

The e-bike allows longer and steeper distances and you usually sit longer in the saddle. In addition the e-bike is much more stable due to the higher weight and the usually heavier wheels. The SQlab saddles are generally characterized by the stepped saddle shape, which offers an improved pressure distribution and more support to the rear. This is a big advantage for e-bikes. The mostly tighter padding is very suitable for longer "saddle times". The active function in particular compensates for the high riding stability and restores comfort. The MTB saddles have a more stable cover on the sides, as the mostly heavier e-bikes otherwise quickly damage the saddle in a fall.

SQlab e-bike ready products are suitable for use on pedelecs from the point of view of function, ergonomics and durability (according to DIN EN ISO 4210 and DIN EN ISO 15194 standards).