Grip size measurement

The perfect fit of the grip is crucial for comfort and grip.

How to determine your grip size

Step 1
Place the hand on the chart and align the top of the middle finger with the tip of the arrow. 

Step 2
Spread the thumb out a little to the side. 

Step 3
Mark the bend of the thumbs as shown on the chart. 

Step 4
Read the size from the chart an select the appropriate grip size. 

Grip Size Measurement at Home

We recommend the determination of the grip size and the purchase of ergonomic products from specialist retailers. Our dealers are trained and have a lot of experience in ergonomics. All ergonomics partners on our dealer search offer the SQlab sit bone measurement, the SQlab grip width determination and much more.

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You do not have the possibility to visit the specialized trade or would like to use the possibility to measure friends and family at home?

> Grip size template

Holding, steering, braking are the main tasks that are controlled through the bicycle grip and while performing these tasks, it should still be comfortable. Only a grip which fits perfectly to the hand can accomplish this. That is why we have developed a method for determining the optimal grip size. Our grips, depending on the model, are available in different sizes / diameters.

It’s not a given, that all ergonomic grips relieve pressure on the carpal tunnel. But this is precisely where we have placed great emphasis. The relief wing on all SQlab grips is positioned as far as possible to the outside. Additionally, this results in improved grip, especially when supporting the body weight at the front.