SQlab has focused on
the three contact points 
of the bike


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SQlab Measurement Tools

Sit bone

SQlab became the first saddle manufacturer to introduce a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and to calculate the optimal saddle width. A saddle should fit like a pair of shoes!


Grip size

A bicycle grip must avoid problems and fit to the anatomy of the hand. Additional the grip should also be comfortable. The personal grip size is important for the comfort and the gip secure. 


Foot type

Depending on the different foot types and the special requirements they have for cycling, we have developed insoles in three different forms that support all of the feet‘s weak points.


SQlab News

Georg Egger and Lukas Baum ride to overall win at Cape Epic
Georg Egger and Lukas Baum ride to overall win at Cape Epic
The grand finale - Georg Egger and Lukas Baum ride to overall win at Cape Epic  A race could not have been more thrilling, after the team of Speed Company Racing could already surprisingly win the third stage at Cape...
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5 tips for the season start
5 tips for the season start
Fitness, stability and an perfectly tuned bike - start the season well with these tips. As soon as the first rays of sunshine come out in spring the bike is packed and off it goes on the road or trails....
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Design and Innovation Award Winner 6OX ERGOWAVE Infinergy®
Design and Innovation Award Winner 6OX ERGOWAVE Infinergy®
"The 6OX Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active saddle is SQlab’s first 100% German-made saddle. It promises a comfortable ride and makes use of eco-friendly materials. The foam is made of the popular BASF Infinergy® material which is very robust and brings the...
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Your expert for ergonomic bicycle components and accessories like bike saddle, grips, handlebars and stems

SQlab has focused on the three contact points of the bike (Hands - Pelvis - Feet). A bicycle saddle must not only fit perfectly to both the male and female anatomy, but also correctly spread the body weight from a medical point of view. The grips must prevent numb fingers, must be easily and securely assembled and be a good fit for the hand. In particular our saddles, and our fitting process, which determines the perfect saddle width, have made us the most successful saddle manufacturer in tests of bicycle magazines. You will not only find the perfect saddle, grip, bars and other components here, but also many tips and tricks around ergonomics and how to correctly fit and adjust the SQlab-products  for the three contact points. You can purchase our products at your local authorised dealer or here in our online shop. However, we highly recommend the purchase through your local authorised dealer as the face-to-face advice and particularly the sitbone measurement is a service only your brick and mortar authorised dealer can provide.

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