Missing grip security

Grip safety and grip sizes?

Our system of different sizes, the Ergobar and a wing placed far on the outside allows to fully embrace the grips at all times. Our grips are available in the sizes S, M, L. The grip sizes differ in diameter, length and form.

Causes - lack of grip securtiy 

Wrong grip size

Wrong grip shape

Too large relief wing

Wrong grip size

Cause - wrong grip size

May hinder safe grasping and holding of the grip

SQlab Solution 

Grip size measurement for a grip that fits the hand perfectly

The right grip size is crucial. If a grip is too large, it cannot be completely enclosed, which can lead to cramping of the fingers or the hand. 

The personal grip size is important for comfort and safety. That is why we have developed a method for determining the optimal grip size.

Grip size is the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the crook of the thumb. This is because the fingers grasp the grip precisely by this measurement. The SQlab grip series, sizes differ in range, length and shape.

Our bicycle grips are available in up to three different sizes depending on the model.

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Wrong grip shape 

Cause - wrong grip shape

Round grips offer only limited grip

SQlab Solution 

A slightly angular shape corresponds to the natural shape of the angled fingers and offers additional support

Angular and two-dimensional

Handlebars are round, and grips are also mostly round because it is simple. But fingers are anything but round: They easily slip on a round object and cannot hold on unlike, for instance, a flat table corner.


The Ergobar is a wave-shaped profile on the front and right side, which produces a flat, slightly angular grip bottom. A perfect fit for angular, slightly bent fingers.

The grip provides a very relaxed point of contact while giving you the feeling of complete control.

Too large relief wing

Cause - too large relief wing

Can limit the outreach in dangerous situations

SQlab Solution 

The relief wing must be placed as far outside as possible for a secure grip

The relief wing must be placed as far outside as possible to keep the carpal tunnel exit largely free and reduce the pressure. In addition, the relief wing, which is located at the very edge and deeply extends downwards, provides support and a secure grip. 

You will value this connection throughout your ride, but it will be even more noticeable the next time you have to brake hard.