6OX Active S-Tube MTB Saddle


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The 6OX Ergowave Active saddle was created from the distinct advantages of both the Ergowave and Ergolux series saddles. The unique shape of the 6OX was perfected for all around use on bumpy terrain or on the trail. While the broader, longer saddle nose provides a premium amount of upfront support in seated climbing situations, this do-it-all saddle provides an optimal shape for riders shredding downhill, extended rides on your E-Bike, or even gravel ventures. 

The dual step platform of the 6OX offers a perfect form-fit for nearly all sit bones, no matter what position the rider is in. The raised portion in the rear of the saddle ensures an efficient power transmission while providing more rearward support for the rider. The 6OX features a unique grip design on the top, rear of the saddle to help hold you in place while pedaling. 

Paired with the dual step platform of the 6OX is SQlab's famous low lying, flat saddle nose. This allows for maximum support and minimal contact for greater relief throughout the soft tissue. With 12mm of 50 shore foam, this saddle provides maximum comfort throughout the entire unit.

The SQlab active-saddle technology allows the saddle to flex with you as you pedal, following the body's natural bio mechanical motion. This results in mobilization of the spinal discs, reduced pressure in the sit bones, long lasting comfort, and an increased pedal stroke efficiency. 

The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for maximum performance. Available widths: 13 cm/14 cm/15 cm/16 cm

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Available Widths in cm 13, 14, 15, 16
Area of use All Mountain MTB, E-Bike, Gravel
Length (mm) 280
Weight (g) 270, 280, 285, 295
Hardness in SQ-shore 50
Relief of perineal area (%) 72
Material Rails S-Tube
Material Cover C84 Kevlar
Material Padding Superlight Foam
Active Technology

3 interchangeable elastomer dampers

max. Weight (kg) 110

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See what others are saying.

Based on 62 reviews Write a review