Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°

Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
Handlebar 311 FL-X Carbon 16°
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The 311 FL-X is tuned for marathon, cross country and trail bikes.

 The 311 FL-X has about 30% more flex compared to the SQlab 3OX handlebar, which reduces fatiguing vibrations and absorbs peaks of bigger hits.

The 16° backsweep with its short reach provides a natural transition from the lower arm to the hand when in a more stretched riding position. 

The 4° upsweep brings the elbows into a perfect position for a dynamic riding style. 

The 15mm or 30mm rise allow individualized positions.

This bar utilizes a 31.8mm clamping area. If you have a 35mm stem, please refer to our shim kit. Item No. 2384


Technical Data

Area of use MTB XC & Race
Weight (g) 210
Clamping 31.8
Width in (mm) 740
Width shortened (mm) 720
Rise (mm) 15, 30
Backsweep (°) 16
Upsweep (°) 4
Material Carbon

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30 % less vibration through the SQlab FL-X technology

Syntace and SQlab are the only manufacturers to remain undamaged in the large Bike Magazine break test. In addition to stability, SQlab focuses on damping behaviour. Accordingly, the 311 FL-X was developed with regard to flex behaviour. In an extensive study, we were able to prove that virtually all high-quality handlebars have damping characteristics between 0 % and 15 %, depending on their intensity. 311 FL-X has 30% more flex.

Less Vibration

At accelerations of up to 50 m/s² (which corresponds to approximately 5g, i.e. 5 times the earth's gravitational pull), the SQlab 311 FL-X reduces the loads on the handarm system by 18 % to 20 %. The other tested handlebars can only "work" little or not at all at these accelerations and thus reduce the load only insignificantly.

These accelerations/impacts, frequently occur during mountain biking, e.g. with root sections or braking bumps. The mountain bike specific problem "arm pump" is evident. The result is numbness of the fingers and premature fatigue. At higher loads the 3OX Carbon achieves the highest reduction according to the area of use.

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