SQlab Ergolux Technology

Ergonomics - Comfort - Movement

ERGOLUX’s innovative two-tiered wave shape is built for cyclists who sit in a moderate, more upright position. The secondary step provides a broader sit bone platform allowing riders to sit in an alternative position for maximum comfort. ERGOLUX is a comfort oriented alternative based on the proven and performance driven ERGOWAVE saddle.  Target rider: touring, city, mtb adventure, road…. really everyone that rides in a more moderate position or goes on longer rides.  Available in multiple sizes on models 610, 602 and 621.

Perfect Support

The upswept rear provides better support for the back and ensures more efficient power transfer.


Comfortable riding position

SQlab Ergolux TechnologyERGOLUX’s unique wave shape provides a larger, flatter perch for your sit bones allowing the best pressure distribution and improving comfort. This allows you freedom to move around a bit in variable riding positions while providing optimized sit bone support.  The middle sit bone cradling step offers an enlarged platform for cyclists in a more upright position.

Lower Saddle Nose

Lower saddle nose provides pressure relief on sensitive areas for men and women.


SQlab Active Comfort

SQlab’s active technology provides movement which is similar to the pelvis’ movement when walking. This movement leads to increased efficiency and comfort when pedaling. At the same time, this active technology eases the load on the vertebral discs and increases comfort at the sit bones. Active system varies by model. The 610 Ergolux Active Saddle features performance based active system also found on ERGOWAVE saddles. (610 active model is available in active and non-active versions). Our 602 and 621 models feature comfort based active systems.

The Model Range

We offer three models for every riders' needs. Our 610 model is recommended for mountain bike adventure and travel riders, road riders in moderate position, touring, and recreational riders. The 610 is moderately padded. Our 602 model is recommended for touring and city riders. The 602 model has extra comfortable foam padding. Our 621 model is recommended for comfort, city and cruiser riders. It is extremely padded for very upright position and ultimate comfort.