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Step 1 SQlab Fit Kit

How to Measure Your Sit Bones

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Fit Kit Step One

Step One

Gather supplies. You will need one 10" by 12" piece of cardboard (softer density cardboard will provide the best impression). You will need a hard surface to sit on that is approximately 16" wide or more and 20" tall. You will also need a metric ruler.

Step Two

Sit on the cardboard and press your sit bones down to make your sit bone imprints. You should clearly see the sit bone impressions. Circle your right and left impressions and place an X in the center.

Fit Kit Step Three

Step Three

Using a metric ruler, measure the distance between the two X's. This is your Sit Bone Measurement. Then add centimeters based on your riding position according to the picture on the right. This is your recommended saddle size. If you are between two sizes, always round up. A larger saddle is always better than one that is too small.

Fit Kit Step Four

Step Four

Select the saddle for your personal riding style and in the correct width.

Now that you have completed the fit kit and found your sit bone number measurement follow our simple guide to find the best saddle for your riding style.

Please select the image below that best describes your riding style.

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Saddle Comparison Chart

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