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Experts in Cycling Ergonomic Designs for Your Pelvis, Hands and Feet

SQlab has specialised in the three contact points of the bike (Hands - Pelvis - Feet). A bicycle saddle must not only fit perfectly to both the male and female anatomy, but also correctly spread the body weight from a medical point of view. The grips must prevent numb fingers, must be easily and securely assembled and be a good fit for the hand. In particular our saddles, and our fitting process, which determines the perfect saddle width, have made us the most successful saddle manufacturer in tests of bicycle magazines. You will not only find the perfect saddle, grip, bars and other components here, but also many tips and tricks around ergonomics and how to correctly fit and adjust the SQlab-products for the three contact points. You can purchase our products at your local authorised dealer or here in our online shop

The Most Awarded Saddle in Germany

SQlab has won twenty four awards for excellence in design and performance

SQLab USA List of Awards for Cycling Technologies 


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