711 MTB Tech and Trail Grip S-M-L


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The 711 MTB Tech and Trail Grip features perfect grip ergonomics for long-distance routes and use in racing on sports-oriented mountain bikes. A well thought-out, highly ergonomic shape offers an especially secure grip and comfort.

 The outer contact area is less rounded (flattened). The flattened area raises slightly towards the outside for support. Based on the natural contour of the hand on a grip, contact is drawn forward and slightly rearward. 

The clamp is located inside and the clamping sleeve at the (inner) third of the grip. This increases the shock absorption and comfort on the hand’s outer side.

The flat angular bottom offers a perfect form fit. The design organically flows with your palm and fingers providing the ideal interface and optimal cushioning. 711 offers extended pressure distribution and hand support compared to a wing design that supports only the outside of your hand. The grip can be squeezed less tightly because it fits better. 

Various rubber compounds ensure a perfect grip level and high comfort. We only use the best possible materials to avoid sticky/gummy rubber.

The end of the grip is closed, so no plugs are needed. 

As round as necessary and as flat as possible!

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This grip is a bit more difficult to install because the clamping is inside and only on the inner third.  Use a bit of brake cleaner to slip the grip onto the handlebar very easily and it tightens up very quickly.

Available sizes S
Area of use MTB Tech and Trail
Length (mm) 135mm
Weight (g) / pair 128
Diameter at Smallest Point (mm) 91
Material Proprietary Rubber Blend

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See what others are saying.

Based on 17 reviews Write a review