621 M-D Active Saddle


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The M-D Line was developed for maximum relief of sensitive areas. A pressure distribution product designed by medical experts. The M-D Line stands for Maximized Dip, and in combination with the high classic step shape, distributes the weight of the rider to the sit bones, where it should be. 

The 621 M-D is for city bikes with slight forward lean to upright sitting position. The relief of the perineum area is very high, 85%. Which is normally sufficient for age-related, enlarged prostate.

Thanks to the proven SQlab active system which allows the saddle to follow the pedaling movements of the rider, comfort is increased, less strain is placed on the inter- vertebral discs and pressure on the sitbones is further reduced. The flex and active movement can be adjusted to the body weight with the comfort sticks in the active dampener. 

The Chromoly struts make the M-D Line suitable for heavier riders. The width of 24cm in particular offers a very large contact surface for absorbing even heavy body weight. SQlab recommends speaking with your doctor for any problems with your prostate or perennial nerves. 

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Available Widths in cm 18, 21, 24
Area of use City/Comfort
Length (mm) 277
Weight (g) 630, 640, 650
Hardness in SQ-shore 40
Relief of perineal area (%) 85
Material Rails CrMo
Material Cover C53A/F24
Material Padding ComFoam
active Technology 4 Active Sticks (Removable)
max. Weight (kg) 150

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See what others are saying.

Based on 2 reviews Write a review