612 Road Saddle - Titube - 13cm - 15cm

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Eliminate pain and discomfort and increase performance!

The 612 Road Saddle features the exclusive SQlab Stepped Design, but with a flatter profile for easier transitions to the drops.

The Stepped Design distributes body weight in the right places, mainly the sit bones and away from soft tissue while the SQlab Pressure Relief Zone eliminates pressure which leads to pain and numbness in the perineum area.

The SQlab MaxContact technology with optimal saddle nose design, combined with our multiple saddle widths, offers a maximum contact area while not inhibiting pedaling efficiency. The stepped design of SQlab saddles distributes body weight in the right places, mainly the sit bones, while combined with our Pressure Relief Zone reduces pressure on soft tissue in the perineum area.

SQlab offers a unique, simple, and effective system which measures the rider’s sit bones for a perfect fit every time.

Available Widths in cm 13 ,14, 15
Area of Use Road & MTB Race
Length (mm) 278
Weight (g) 259, 264, 270
Hardness in SQ-Shore 60
Relief of Perineal Area (%) 55
Material Rails Ti Tube
Material Cover K18
Material Padding Marathon Foam
Max. Weight (kg) 100