611 MTB Active Saddle TiTube Timmy C. Ltd.

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611 MTB Active Saddle TiTube Timmy C. Ltd.

611 MTB Active Saddle TiTube Timmy C. Ltd. is our top of the range saddle for a dynamic riding style on the All Mountain or Enduro bike with lightweight titanium saddle rails, with Limited Edition Tim Commerford graphics. The exposed areas of the 611 active TiTube have been reinforced with high quality kevlar. The proven SQlab step saddle shape offers more relief in the pressure sensitive areas for men and women alike. The construction of the active saddle allows a degree of movement in the horizontal plane , mimicking the natural motion of walking. This increases comfort, relieves the spinal discs and reduces the pressure to the sitbones. The saddle nose of the 611 active is 2.5cm longer when compared to conventional saddles. The longer nose allows elements of Motocross riding techniques to be used providing more control and more space to move freely for an advanced dynamic riding style. Also the rear section and the saddle wings provide more surface area for better rider contact. In Motocross we also commonly see a step in the seat, which in this case does not provide relief, but instead more rearward support when in the forward seated riding position.    

For a dynamic riding style the 611 provides the optimal basis:
- seated on the rear: perfect for riding longer distances with perfect perineal relief
- seated forward in the step: the centre of gravity is somewhat lower, perfect rearward support is provided, yet the rear sitbones still rest on the raised rear section which in combination with the MaxContact¬ģ nose shape still provides great relief in the perineal area.
- seated all the way forward on the saddle nose: ideal for steep ramps, here we see the second advantage of the longer nose next to the increased control.

The bassist from "Rage Against the Machine", Tim Commerford (alias Timmy C.) is not just a rockstar, he is also a passionate mountain biker.  He swears by the long nose of the 611 active TiTube and is now able to ride his own personalized saddle.  The limited edition design reflects Timmy C's distinctive tatoo.

Available Widths in cm 13
Area of use MTB Tech & Trail
Length (mm) 302
Weight (g) 270
Hardness in SQ-shore 60
Relief of perineal area (%) 75
Material Rails TiTube Alloy
Material Cover K18 Kevlar
Material Padding Superlight Foam
active Technology 3 different elastomer dampers (can be interchanged)
max. Weight (kg) 100