611 Ergowave Fabio Wibmer Non Active S-Tube Saddle


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611 Ergowave Non Active S-Tube Saddle


SQlab team rider Fabio Wibmer is more than just a YouTube star, he is a multi-talent athlete on any bike. Whether you see him performing creative stunts on the trials bike or flying down massive stair gaps on his Enduro, it's undeniable that the products he rides have to last. By developing his new Signature Line, Fabio had the opportunity to both design his own product, and adapt them to his personal needs. That is why, in cooperation with him, SQlab has not only created a MTB line, but also developed a brand new Trials line.

The 611 ERGOWAVE® Fabio Wibmer comes in a black/gold design. The SQlab Ergowave shape and raised posterior section provide perfect rearward support and an optimal pressure distribution, reaching deep into the bodily structures and resulting in improved power transmission through the feet. The lowered saddle nose and the dip work as a perfect combination in offering optimal pressure relief to the perineal area. The padding material has been adapted as well to meet the requirements of MTB use and thus offers greater cushioning in rough terrain. A premium quality Kevlar cover protects the saddle’s highly stressed parts. Extra stability is guaranteed as a result of additionally reinforced seat stays.  "

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Available Widths in cm 12, 13, 14, 15
Area of use MTB Tech & Trail
Length (mm) 280
Weight (g) 195, 200, 205, 210
Hardness in SQ-shore 55
Relief of perineal area (%) 68
Material Rails Ti / S-Tube Alloy
Material Cover C84 Kevlar
Rail size 1.4
max. Weight (kg) 90

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See what others are saying.

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