3OX Fabio Wibmer 7 Degree Carbon MTB Handlebar


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3OX Fabio Wibmer 7 Degree Carbon MTB Handlebar


 SQlab team rider Fabio Wibmer is more than just a YouTube star, he is a multi-talent athlete on any bike. Whether you see him performing creative stunts on the trials bike or flying down massive stair gaps on his Enduro, it's undeniable that the products he rides have to last. By developing his new Signature Line, Fabio had the opportunity to both design his own product, and adapt them to his personal needs. That is why, in cooperation with him, SQlab has not only created a MTB line, but also developed a brand new Trials line.

Extraordinary stability and the right backsweep are Fabio's top priorities (in regards to handlebars). The 3OX Fabio Wibmer Carbon bar is further reinforced in the push and pull direction of motion. The pull direction received extra attention as it has to withstand high loads. The flexing characteristics are designed for loads of the upper range with extremely hard impacts. The 3OX Fabio significantly reduces strain on the wrists, in particular at high G-forces. Nevertheless, this handlebar is remarkably light regarding the loads it can take. The backsweep is crucial for creating a straight line from forearm to hand. The shorter the reach and the closer the handlebars are to the upper body, the lesser the backsweep can be. The 3OX Fabio Wibmer is available with 7° backsweep.


Area of use Gravity & E-Performance
Weight (g) 235
Clamping 31.8
Width in (mm) 800
Rise (mm) 25
Backsweep (°) 7
Upsweep (°) 4
Material Carbon

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