310 Sport & Fitness Handlebar


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310 Sport & Fitness Handlebar

The 310 Sport & Fitness Handlebar is ideal for fitness, urban, speed bikes and fast trekking bikes with an athletic (+1) up to moderate (+2) riding position.  In comparison to conventional straight bars, the 310 has three noteworthy advantages: The 16° backsweep (traditional is 0° - 6°) straightens the wrist and ensures for a straight transition of lower arm to hand. Pain in the middle-, index finger and thumb are common complaints with too straight bars that cause an overstretching of the wrist. The 10° downsweep slightly tends towards a road dropbar hand position. The elbows are lowered into a more aerodynamic position and the shoulder is relieved. The ovalization either side of the clamping area provides a low modulus of elasticity which increases the comfort on larger impacts while minimizing the risk of failure.
The sportier version of the 310. #1540

Area of use MTB Tour & Travel
Weight (g) 269
Clamping 31.8
Width in (mm) 660
Backsweep (°) 16
Downsweep (°) 10
Stretch (mm) 20
Flex (mm) 15
Material AL 6061