310 Comfort & Fitness Handlebar


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310 Comfort & Fitness Handlebar

The 310 Comfort & Fitness Handlebar is ideal for: fitness, urban, speed bikes and fast trekking bikes with an athletic (+1) up to moderate (+2) riding position. In comparison to conventional, straight bars the 310 has three noteworthy advantages: The 16° backsweep (traditional is 0° - 6°), straightens the wrist and ensures for a straight transition of lower arm to hand. Pain in middle-, index finger and thumb are common complaints with too straight bars that cause an over stretching of the wrist. The neutral up- / downsweep (0°) makes the 310 the optimal all-rounder for its intended use. The ovalisation either side of the clamping area provides a low modulus of elasticity which increases the comfort on larger impacts and the risk of failure is minimized.
The somewhat more comfortable version of the 310 sport.

Area of use MTB Tour & Travel
Weight (g) 257
Clamping 31.8
Width in (mm) 680
Rise (mm) 15
Backsweep (°) 16
Upsweep (°) 0
Downsweep (°) 0
Stretch (mm) 20
Flex (mm) 15
Material AL 6061