302 Comfort & Trekking Handlebar


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The 302 Comfort & Trekking Handlebar  has been designed for trekking bikes that are primarily ridden on the road. The traditional North Road shape with 10° downsweep represents the natural position and relieves especially the neck and shoulders. The ovalization either side of the clamping area increases the flex, hence providing improved comfort. Premium materials and precise manufacturing and bending processes provide a low weight while maintaining high flex and strength properties. #1543

Area of use Trekking
Weight (g) 275
Clamping 31.8
Width in (mm) 630
Rise (mm) 0
Backsweep (°) 35
Upsweep (°) 0
Downsweep (°) 10
Stretch (mm) 0
Flex (mm) 15
Material AL 6061