SQlab Do it yourself Fit Kit Guide

SQlab is committed to helping riders get the perfect fit the first time. The key to getting a proper saddle fit is to accurately measure your sit bones. We were the first in the business to develop sit bones measurement, and have fine tuned this process to ensure that you get a saddle perfectly fit to your unique needs. Not only that, but we've developed a system for you to determine this measurement yourself from the comfort of your own home.

SQlab's unique, simple, and effective system measures the rider's sit bones for a perfect fit in just a few minutes. Follow the steps below with just a couple items which you should be able to find around your house!

Step 1 Gather Supplies

  • One 10” x 12” piece of cardboard (softer density cardboard will provide best impression)
  • Hard Surface to sit on that is approximately 16” wide or more and 20” tall
  • Download and print Fit Kit Ruler and Instructions.

step 2 Sit on Cardboard to Highlight Sit Bone Imprint Area

Sit on the cardboard and press your sit bones down to make your sit bone imprints. You should clearly see the sit bone impressions. Circle your right and left imprints and place a X in the center. Watching the video below will be helpful.

Step 3 Measure Sit Bone Imprint Then Add Centimeters Per Your Riding Position

Using the ruler from the Fit Kit Ruler and Instructions measure the distance between the X’s. Then add centimeters based on your riding position. This is your Sit Bone Measurement. Next, choose the correct saddle width and model.