SQlab Demo Program

SQlab Demo Program will help you decide!

You want your saddle to be awesome – Right? SQlab wants your saddle to be awesome too! If you need help to determine the best saddle for your riding style, for a nominal fee you can try before you buy!  

First, some mandatory steps to complete before you move forward.

SQlab Step One

Have you measured your sitbone distance? If not, it’s mandatory - click here to complete Step One.

SQlab Step TwoHave you determined which saddle is right for you based on your riding style? If not, it’s mandatory - click to complete Step Two.

SQlab Step ThreeAfter you have reviewed our saddles to discover your perfect saddle, please give us a call to discuss which saddle will meet your goals. If you’ve narrowed it down and want to try it out…It’s demo time!

SQlab Demo Program Features

SQlab Demo Program


Try out a saddle for yourself with no obligation to purchase! Learn why people rave about our saddles.

SQlab Demo Program


Shipping is on us - enjoy free shipping both for delivery of the saddle & return!

SQlab Demo Program


The program costs only $25 - and that cost will be credited toward a saddle purchase.


  1. All demo saddles MUST be returned. Non-returned saddles will be charged retail price to your credit card.
  2. Submit form to receive a “DAN number” (Demo Authorization Number) and request your desired saddles.  
  3. You have 30 days from the day you receive saddles to try them and arrange their return. Please be sure you have time to test saddles within this time frame.
  4. Saddles must be cleaned and returned in the box they were received. Return shipping labels will be included in shipment.
  5. Saddle purchased after completion of ProFit Demo Program experience can not be returned due to buyers remorse.