Andjustment Tips for your Bicycle

Adjustment Tips for Your Bicycle

Set up your road bike correctly! 

You've bought a beautiful new road bike and can't wait to do your first miles. But before you start doing laps on your new bike, you should adjust it to suit you. But how do you adjust a road bike correctly?  Especially for women, the adjustment of the individual parts should be checked and readjusted, especially after a purchase, in order to avoid problems and pain.

Adjustment tips for the bicycle saddle

Women often have seating problems, be it pain in the seat area, back or even the tailbone. But this should by no means be normality, because pain while cycling is not, as is often said, normal. With the right saddle position and especially the right saddle on the bike, the sitting position will also change and thus help to eliminate the pain. The most important thing is that the width of the saddle is correct in order to achieve the right distribution of pressure. A saddle that is too narrow will cause the hip to move back and forth a lot, which can then lead to pain.

Numbness in your hands? Find the right handlebar setting

Long rides often cause pain or numbness in the hands. However, this can be counteracted with the appropriate alignment of the handlebars, thus eliminating the pain. The handlebars should not be too high, as this puts a lot of pressure on the wrist and thus also causes problems with the carpal tunnel. However, tilting the handlebars too far down is also problematic, as this puts too much pressure on the little finger and the ring finger. But not only the inclination plays a role, but also the width. Women in particular tend to always ride handlebars that are too wide. However, this is not good because it can cause the wrist to tilt inwards, which can then also trigger feelings of numbness. 

You can read more about numbness in the hands here. 

What do you have to consider with the pedals?

The correct foot position is extremely important when cycling, because the movement in the foot is the greatest when cycling. However, pressure pains or numbness often occur in the foot. To counteract this, the pedal must be adjusted correctly. Conventional pedals usually only allow a very straight, parallel foot position, which can lead to a very strong one-sided strain on the feet. At SQlab we therefore offer pedals with different axle lengths to give the foot as much space as possible so that it can adopt a natural foot position.


In general, the correct adjustment of the parts of a bicycle, such as the saddle, handlebars and pedals, is essential for a good riding experience but also for a healthy riding style. To avoid pain while riding, it is important that your bike is perfectly adjusted to you.