6OX Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.0


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The very first "Made in Germany" saddle: 6OX Infinergy® Ergowave® Active 2.0

The 6OX ERGOWAVE® Active saddle has existed for 2 years, but now is newly improved and Made in Germany. The new 6OX Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® Active is no longer made of classic PU foam, but rather a unique BASF Infinergy® material, notorious in running shoes. This material is very robust and brings comfort to a whole new level, especially in off-road conditions, due to its quick recovery time. Unlike traditional saddles where the saddle cover wraps the entire mold, The 6OX Infinergy Active offers thermally bonded covers that are strategically placed on the Infinergy® foam for optimal contact area. The production technology was developed by an extremely successful automotive supplier, Oechsler in Ansbach/ Germany, for a large sporting goods manufacturer a few years ago. SQlab and Oechsler then formed a partnership to optimize this technology for saddles.

The ergonomic saddle shape provides the perfect amount of relief and comfort: The wave-shaped elevation of the ERGOWAVE®, which extends from the rear to the front, offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sit bones. This shape significantly reduces the pressure in the perineal area or female pubic arch.

The flat, slightly curved saddle nose, which is lower in level, ensures less pressure on the sensitive areas for both men and women. For even better pressure relief, especially on longer climbs, the saddle nose has a slightly wider design, with a larger contact surface area.

Thanks to the SQlab active saddle technology, the saddle follows you as you pedal. This increases comfort and works to keep the intervertebral discs mobilized while greatly reducing pressure on the sit bones. A prerequisite for maximum performance is the perfect fit for the athlete and therefore the saddle is available in four different sizes: 13cm, 14cm, 15cm, and 16cm.

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Available Widths in cm 13, 14, 15, 16
Area of use MTB, Enduro, DH, eMTB
Length (mm) 280
Weight (g) w/o elastomer 285
Hardness in SQ-shore 55
Relief of perineal area (%) 72
Material Rails S-Tube
Material Cover Interlock
Material Padding Infinergy® Foam
Active Technology

3 interchangeable elastomer dampers

max. Weight (kg) 110

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See what others are saying.

Based on 56 reviews Write a review