Insole 216 Blue High Arch S-XXL - 2017 Graphics

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Insole 216 Blue High Arch S-XXL

Insole 216 in Blue with a High Arch S-M provides individualization for the foot. Whether high arch, low arch or medium arch -  in collaboration with ex-runner-up triathlon World Champion and foot expert Björn Gustaffson, we have developed insoles that support the specific requirements found in cycling for the weaknesses of the respective foot type.

We bring the power back onto the pedal and the foot into the correct position. Power saving, round pedal stroke and a healthy foot arch make the SQlab insoles a must for every foot in a cycling shoe!
Suitable for all cycling shoes, but also for normal shoes which are used for cycling, as well as for other uses.

Available sizes EU M=39-41, XXL=46,5-48,5
Area of use high arch-cushion