Grip 710

Grip 710
Grip 710
Grip 710
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The 710 Tour and Travel Grip features a well thought-out shape, with the wings pulled down far, making the perfect combination of comfort and driving dynamics. The 710 user is a comfort-oriented mountain biker or a sporty trekking biker. 


This relief wing, which is located at the very edge and deeply extends downwards, frees up space for securely grasping the grip body in all situations. The raised end of the grip externally nestles against the side of the hand, while the inside is somewhat more elevated. As a result, it specifically relieves the ulnar nerve, the median nerve and the carpal tunnel pass.

The clamp is located on the inner side of the grip. This increases the shock absorption and comfort on the hand’s outer side. It is not compatible with twist grips.

Various rubber compounds ensure a perfect grip level and high comfort. We only use the best possible materials to avoid sticky/gummy rubber.

The personal grip size is what matters. With the 710 grip, the sizes differ in diameter, length and shape. 

Click HERE for correct grip sizing.

Technical Data

Available sizes S, M, L
Area of use MTB Tech and Trail
Length (mm) 137, 139, 145
Weight (g) / pair 238
Diameter at Smallest Point (mm) 91, 101, 106
Material Proprietary Rubber Blend

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