Innerbarends® 411

Innerbarends® 411
Innerbarends® 411
Innerbarends® 411
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Compatible with standard handlebars with a diameter of 22.2 mm. The 411 Innerbarends do not replace a grip clamp and are additionally mounted between the brake lever and grips.

Inner Position Comfort Innerbarends (411) allows moving the hand far inwards which positions the elbows such that they can comfortably rest against your torso.  It also stretches the upper body position slightly more forward. This is both an aerodynamic and bio mechanical advantage.

Barends stem from the early days of mountainbiking and are, if required, mounted to the outer ends of the handlebars. From an ergonomic perspective this is a very good idea. In course of time however, as straight bars became less favored and sales of riser bars increased instead, the bar ends slowly disappeared. Now however, as the rise of mountainbike bars has reduced again and instead the bars have become low and wider, barends make sense again. But with one small difference, we mount the barends inwards of the grips, so called Innerbarends, that is where the name with the slight contradiction stems came from.

Already in 2007 we first have presented barends for using inwards of the grips with an extra locating surface for the side of the hand at the eurobike and the IFMA in cologne to the public.

Innerbarends are a new innovative evolution of the good old barends we know from the early days of mountainbikes, but with a never-before-seen safety aspect. Despite the different hand position, the brake levers always remain in reach. The position somewhat resembles that of an aerobar. The Innerbarends don’t weigh much, and aren’t in the way, so just give them a try!

The Innerbarends fit most bikes. They are mounted directly adjacent and inwards of the grips. As most brake levers are long enough, that for best brake performance one can and should mount them inboard of the shifter, there is usually sufficient space between grips and shifter / brake lever for mounting the Innerbarends.

The Innerbarends do not have a specific area of use. They are however ideal for the mountainbike:
MTB racing, XC, marathon, trail riding, touring, all mountain but also for Enduro where they provide a perfect riding position for recovery on transition stages. But also on normal bicycle handlebars of trekking bikes or city bikes the Innerbarends can be very useful.

Technical Data

Weight (g) / pair 108
Clamping 22.2
Material carbon fiber reinforced





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