Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0

Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
Saddle 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0
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The 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0 Saddle is created for all cyclists sitting in a moderate, upright position.  Virtually all riding styles benefit where comfort is desired, especially designed for longer rides in a less dynamic riding position.   

Whether it’s road, MTB, gravel, touring, adventure, touring or commuting 610 ERGOLUX® 2.0 is the solution.  Ride anywhere and go the distance while feeling comfortable staying seated on your saddle.  In comparison to the very streamlined, narrow-cut ERGOWAVE models, the 610 Ergolux 2.0 seating surface has been tuned to be slightly larger and somewhat softer.  Despite a sportier look, comfort for the sit bones and the ischial branches has been increased.

The rear stage provides the perfect lip assuring a solid seating position and helps direct transfer of force to the pedals. The middle stage accommodates the sit bones, or the ischial branches that bear the load in the moderate seating position,  This assures the best possible pressure distribution and also offers a more universal sit bone platform for varied riding positions. The center dip and lower saddle nose provides pressure relief to the sensitive perineum areas and the pubic bone.  Ergolux is a great choice for both men and women. 

Available in saddle widths of 13, 14, 15 and 16 cm.

610 Ergolux 2.0 features a slightly softer foam and blacked out graphics when compared to the original version.

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Technical Data

Available Widths in cm 13, 14, 15,16
Area of use MTB Tour & Travel
Length (mm) 275
Weight (g) 245
Hardness in SQ-shore 50
Relief of perineal area (%) 70
Material Rails CrMo
Material Cover C84
Material Padding Marathon Foam
active Technology 3 different elastomer dampers (interchangeable)
max. Weight (kg) 100

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