611 Non Active Saddle

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611 Non Active Saddle

The 611 Non Active Saddle has increased relief to the perineal area. The tried and proven pressure distribution of the lower nose in combination with SQlab's Maxcontact® shape highly reduced the pressure to the sensitive areas and provides perfect ergonomics for an athletic application and competitive use. Suitable for men and women alike in a moderate to athletic position. According to with 16 tests the most tested saddle with a phenomenal average rating of 1.3.

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Available Widths in cm 12
Area of use MTB Tech & Trail
Length (mm) 279
Weight (g) 255,
Hardness in SQ-shore 60
Relief of perineal area (%) 70
Material Rails TiTube Alloy
Material Cover K18
Material Padding Superlight Foam
max. Weight (kg) 100