Sqlab Press Release for the SQ-Pad 12.


The inventor of the sit bone measuring process developed first chamois.

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FIRM AND LOW PROFILE Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? The new SQ-Pad 12, has a maximum thickness of 4 mm and initially feels both exceptionally firm and of high quality. Everyone that rides regularly knows that for rides of over 30 min duration, a saddle with thin firm padding is considerably more comfortable than a saddle with thick soft padding. The same is true for a chamois. Most chamois are about 12mm thick and soft – UNTIL NOW.

The initial impression of the SQ-Pad 12 is very similar to that of a SQlab saddle, initially somewhat unfamiliar, but the more you ride the more comfortable it becomes and adapts to the body perfectly without slipping. A further significant advantage of our flat and firm chamois is that the sit bones do not push it inwards causing the sit bones to rub on the edges as is often the case with many high and soft chamois.

One size -  If the inventor of a sit bone measurement process and a saddle width system creates a chamois, you would expect them to come in different sizes. This makes it even more intriguing that SQlab’s first chamois only comes in one size and fits a range of pants sizes. The SQ-Pad 12 is designed for a sit bone distance of up to 14.5. This means that if you have a smaller sit bone distance, there will be some excess chamois on either side. With a saddle, this would be an issue, as the pelvis would painfully work its way forward through the pedaling motion. With a chamois however, it is merely two pieces of soft material of a max. of 5 g which do not have any adverse effects in terms of ergonomics and comfort.

Breathable - The comfort foam used to manufacture the SQ-Pad 12 is made by a special manufacturing technique which creates the foam's unique properties. 98% of the foam’s surface cells are broken up so that only the connection between the foam cells remains and make up the framework of the foam. This makes the foam extremely breathable despite it's high density while improving its damping properties. This allows uncomfortable sweat around the perineum area which oft en leads to chaffing to penetrate to the outside with ease.

The SQlab Bib Short ONE12 - The SQlab Bib Short ONE 12 was developed for the highest demands in cycling. Highly elastic and extremely breathable materials improve performance and ensure the finest comfort levels. Apart from the straps, back panel and thigh seams, the bib shorts are made of an Italian Luxury-Material precisely created for sports applications. This material has optimal thermoregulating properties and in combination with the Flatlock stitched seams ensures a perfect fit without any uncomfortable pressure zones. The shoulder straps are made from a premium quality elastic mesh material and feel like a second skin which adapts well to any body shape. The highly breathable material used for the entire back section transports sweat in the most direct path to the outside. A wide seam panel ensures good hold without inhibiting blood circulation.

Product info:

  1. Sizes Bib Short: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  2. Color: black/white
  3. Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Elastan
  4. Pad: SQ-Pad 12
  5. Pad thickness: max. 4 mm